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The night we applauded a hope

The construction

The President has to visit the Cooperative every day, by order of the Statutes, he saw them every day during these last ten years. He is a witness to the endeavour they made to arrive where they are today: actors and directors have worked as carpenters, as brickies, as sweepers, as painters… Months and months without earning money, as many as you like! Anna Lizaran, in blue overalls, painted sets, Carlota did woodwork and Imma Colomer cleaned chairs, while Muntsa Alcañiz carted rubble around… The older members, who spent the afternoon in the café playing cards or dominoes, said with admiration that “they have taught us how to be cooperative once more”.

Emili Teixidor

The premiere

Before the first performance of “Camí de nit, 1854”, a session for theatre professionals, journalists, friends and the odd special guest such as Rafael Vidiella, the audience gave a long standing ovation… to the venue. An ovation that readers will judge was well deserved as soon as they visit the new theatre, something which we unreservedly recommend. There is no doubt that for lively and communicative theatrical action, this venue is the best that Barcelona has ever had.

Joan-Anton Benach

Critical repection

My critical comments on “Camí de nit” provoked all kinds of rebukes. Naturally, I could never take back what I said. However, I did feel bad about the raucous tone my newspaper, “El Correo Catalán”, adopted when it published the criticism, exceptionally spreading the title across the page as if looking to put a loudspeaker on a cultural event that was not very successful. “Lliure Night: what a sad night” screeched all five columns of the newspaper, ever-faithful to that urge to find the most sensationalised way of providing news using a typographic format that often has nothing to do with the author of the information. It is worth saying that, on that same page, a box was inserted highlighting an aspect that I felt and still feel was fundamental.

Joan-Anton Benach